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A new unique toy series featuring the iconic characters of BiOBUDDi. The well-known emojies can now be built with toy blocks. The easy to build creations are perfect for your child from 1.5 to 6 years old. Get started with your son or daughter with the specially designed building blocks for small children's hands, build all the characters or use your imagination and make your own creation.

You can also push the included express card out of the 100% recyclable box, with these express cards you can build your own background. Place them on the slot blocks and create your own toy world. Stimulate your child's cognitive and motor development by letting them play with BiOBUDDi's bio-based building blocks. The toy series is completely environmentally friendly made from ecologically bio-based materials. The building blocks are made from the remains of the sugar cane plant, which is a sustainable, environmentally friendly product. It has never been more fun to play with organic toys. Let your little one know the different face expressions.

in every toy box there is a nice learning booklet with which your child can easily build and learn in the meantime. All toy sets of the toy series characters are on this page. Order quickly online in our toy store.