Learning Food

Learning Food

So what did you have for breakfast? An apple? A banana? A healthy choice but did you know there are far more delicious fruits and veggies out there? BiOBUDDi’s Learning Food shows you what tasteful and delicious food our world has to offer.

These exciting and colorful building blocks are made of biobased materials, more specific, the remains of sugarcane plants. Meaning these blocks are both child friendly and environment friendly. Taking care of the environment is important, it keeps our fruit smiling as you can see. This playset will help your child recognizing which fruit is which and which ones are the infamous veggies.




These building blocks are a breakthrough for the toy market, these blocks are made in the Netherlands. And unlike other building blocks these are made out of the leftovers of sugarcane instead of oil, making them environment-friendly. Not only are these building blocks biobased, they’re also compatible with building blocks of other brands. This playset is suited for both boys and girls. The colorful building blocks are decorated with all kinds of healthy food, smiling upon you.

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