Lagoon – Available in June

Lagoon – Available in June

Available end of May 2018!


Crocodile, Duck & Flamingo

Crocodile are some of the largest reptiles. Crocodiles float on water, this makes them look like tree branches. Crocodiles use this method to surprise unsuspecting animals.


Ducks also live most of their lives in the water. Aside from the water ducks also travel through land and the sky, making them some of the few animals to do so. The feathers covering the duck prevent the duck from cooling down after a dive into the cold water.


Another bird living in water is the flamingo. Flamingos stand in shallow water, they stand on one leg to prevent the loss of too much warmth. Flamingos eat small water creatures like shrimp. Eating these shrimps causes flamingos to turn pink.


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