Learning Animals

Learning Animals

Can you tell the difference between a snail and a turtle? Or the similarities between a soft house cat and a fierce lion? BiOBUDDi’s Learning Animals will test and improve your knowledge of the animal kingdom.

These exciting and colorful building blocks are made of biobased materials, more specific, the remains of sugarcane plants. Meaning these blocks aren’t just child friendly but also environment friendly, you can tell by looking at the animals smiling upon you. Your child can build his or her own animal kingdom and develop motor skills, creativity and knowledge about animals along the way.

These building blocks are safe for young children as the animals are trained not to bite.




These colorful building blocks are made of biobased materials, leftovers of the sugarcane plant.  This new material is environment friendly, color right and safe for young children. The white and colored building blocks are decorated by images of several different animals. These can be used for building on the baseplate. A perfect way for your child to playfully learn about world of animals while developing motor skills.

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