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Would you like to know everything there is to know about BiOBUDDi? Patience…
In July we will launch a brand new website with more background information, all of our products and much, much more.

How is it produced?

BiOBUDDi believes it is possible to play and have fun with toys without harming the environment. This was the reason for us to create toys from biological material. The base of the material origins from leftovers of the sugarcane plant. The use of this biological material does not affect the food chain.
Another great factor of the product includes the recyclability after usage. Read more about the production process down below:


New: BiOBUDDi store display

The new BiOBUDDi store display is here! Outstanding, draws attention and tells the story of BiOBUDDi in a few seconds.
An addition to every store concept. BiOBUDDi are environment friendly toys with an affordable price.

As of now, the assortment is targeted at children of the ages 1,5 to 6 years old. The new line of toys and the display are ready for order now and will be available for delivery this August.

Launch of a new “green” toy brand

BiOBUDDi is the new name for the environment friendly toy brand made and created in the Netherlands. At the moment the toy line consists of 13 different toy sets, but the intention is to scale up quickly. The raw material of the new “green” toy blocks are made from side waste of sugarcane plants, not oil. Also the packaging, stickers and glue used are made from biological materials.

Green, sustainable, educational and quality are the core values of the young toy brand. The toy line was presented for the first time at the toy fairs in Nuremberg and New York this year. At that moment it was still under the label of BanBao. The media attention worldwide was surprisingly big.

The new “green” toy blocks have been received very well on the fairs. Some large retailers have already issued orders, we also have more than 15 partners in over 20 countries that committed to distribute the brand.

The choice for a new brand name was made after a solid market research. The label creates its own power and can conquer its own place in the toy market. BiOBUDDi will guarantee fun and it will considerably expand the range in the coming years.

Orders can be done immediately. Deliveries are planned in July. We are still looking for distributors in several countries. Interested? Contact us!

Download and view the product catalog here.

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